Monday, October 9, 2017

Queen 2017

Queen of  Shadows by Verymany found here

Queen Of Shadows kit by Pink Paradox Productions
Found here

Font of choice

Canvas 600 by 600
Tube 45% reduction
I applied a photo filter to the tube with a night effect then applied a color booster
For drop shadow I added Eye Candy 5 Impact perspective shadow.
I made a series of rectangles and added one of the papers from the kit to them. Duplicated it and applied 3d effects cutout.
Paste the tube again and reduce by 35%
Add el50 reduced by 50 under it
 Change the blend to the tube to overlay and duplicate to darken
 Then using your pick tool set to rectangular shape pick the center of the element ,invert selections and hit delete on the tube layers
Reduce le 92 by 35% and place over the tube layer
Reduce the following elements:
74 ,59by 5%
18 by 10%
28 by 12%
31,29,23,20,19 by 15%
33 by 20%
14,75,30,22 by 25%
40 by 35%
49,113 by 50%
80 by 65%
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