Thursday, October 19, 2017

Snowy Leopard

 Snow Leopard by Verymany found here
Winter Guardian by Pink Paradox productions found here

700 by 700 canvas
 Frame11 65% Place behind the tube and click inside of it using the magic wand feather set to 20
Add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper 14 into selections.
 Delete the frame
 Add el 118 under it and reduce by 70%
Frame 1 50%, used paper 2 as it's background
 Duplicate the frame and move it under the paper layer we just added. Apply TOADIES Where are you at default.
 Apply some sparkles and noise.
Above el 118 layer reduce the trees and place to the right of the frame:
place el 116 to the left,duplicate and flip
el 117 reduced by 50% and place above the frame to the right
Place el 128 above the tube layer and el71 under the tube layer
 Once you have arranged the clusters of flowers seen in the tag erase the left side of both snow elements
Place el 119 to the right above the tube layer
Items used in the cluster:
79, 82, 92, 93,96,98
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