Thursday, November 16, 2017

Creamy Steampunk

Steampunk 12 by Verymany found here

Steampunk & Cream by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Tube 45%
Frame 50%, duplicate reduce by 80% then free rotate 15-20 degrees to the left
 Add papers 12 and 29 as the frame background.
Behind the frames foliage
 Tree reduce by 80%, place to the left and right
acorn 25%
 Sunflower 80%
leaves 65%
brown flower 35%
 small daisy 20%
full daisy 30%
 Daisy facing up 25%
 infront of the frames
trunks -50%
lantern, mailbox, ornate box 25%
hat ,pitcher, sand timepiece 20 %
 record player 30%
 letters 18%
 screws 18%
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