Sunday, December 31, 2017

Box Of Chocolates

 Tubes By Verymany
Pretty Pink Poison by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
Toshi tube-20%
Peaches tube-15%
 Box Of Chocolates tube-42%
Frame-50% duplicate then reduce by 80% and free rotate 15 to the right
Click inside the smaller heart frame and expand the selections by 2.
Add 2 new raster layers. Copy and paste paper 32 into the bottom raster layer and paper 5
 Place your Girl tube again without resizing it, mirror and change the blend to soft light. Move the tube between the two paper layers. Change the blend to the top paper to hard light. Erase the excess tube. Then chose the paper layer again, select all, Modify and select selection borders and chose  the number 4. Add a new raster layer and move above the frame layer. Copy/paste paper 30 into selections, duplicate the layer and chose screen as a blend. Drop shadow the original layer.
Repeat  the creation of the border with the larger frame . Add the closeup tube and the two same papers but we will change the order and blends. closeup tube on top -blend screen, hardlight paper 32 under the tube layer and the pink paper on the bottom as normal.
Reduce el 123 and 122 by 50%.
Place 123 on each side. Fill with 122
Reduce the luggage elements by 25%
 under the tube reduce rose petals by 30% and the rug by 65%
Fan  and black cloth by 20%
 pink cookie by 10%, white cookie  and el 15 by 8% 
 make a floral cluster by the cat
118 by 15%
104 and 96 by 10%
 duplicate them all then add el 100
 arrange them like this 
Then apply Mura Meister Copies Glob at these settings:
place the collection behind the tube, duplicate it and mirror or flip to get the look you want. erase anything hanging past the bottom edge of the rug.
 Merge your globbed collection and copy it to place again behind the heart frames
 add your name, artist URL ,CR and your license nymber

Friday, December 22, 2017

Happiest New Year

 Rockin The Clock By Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Champagne For New Year by Verymany found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 50%
Frame 45% Rotate 90 to right
Select the frame, expand the selections by 2, add a raster layer and copy paste paper 37  into selections.
 Inside of the frame repeat motions above with paper 18
Reduce el 121 by 25%,duplicate then change the blend to multiply, merge down, duplicate again,mirror and flip.
Reduce el 125 by 45% duplicate and rotate 75degrees to the left.
Reduce el 119 by 40% duplicate and multiply blend to darken
Reduce el 146 by 45% and el69 by 40%
Reduce el 122b by 50% and change the red ribbon to black, darken as we did with the other elements, duplicate mirror and flip
 Reduce balloons by 50% and erase the ribbons from them. Rotate the star one 25 to the right
Reduce el 145 and 140 by 50%
78 and 79 by 25%
107 by 45%
 Add your name in a gold gradient then apply an inner bevel, gradient glow in black and drop shadow
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

Friday, December 8, 2017

Penguin Winter

 Penguin By Verymany found here
Country Holiday by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Font Penguin Attack

Canvas 700 by 700 then crop after tag is done

El 82 Reduced by 40% then rotated 15 to the left.
 Click inside the fence, expand the selections by 2 and copy/paste paper into selection of a new raster layer.
Place tube in front of the fence and reduce by 40-35%
Add el 87 reduced by 80% 
 place el 86 above it
 Reduce el 81 by 50% and el107 25%
Add some trees behind the frame:
Place el 88 reduced by 50% behind the trees at the base on the left. Duplicate mirror and place to the right. then apply Eye Candy snow drift.
 Add the bell el to the right and reduce by 25%
 Sled by 50%, gift on the sled 25% and red bow present by 15%.
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your licence number

Friday, December 1, 2017

Wonderland Winter

 Snow Queen 2 by Verymany found here

Snow in Wonderland by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Font Mandingo
Eye Candy Glass, Snow Drift and Gradient Glow
Mura Meister Copies- encircle
Xero- Emphasis

 canvas 700 by 700
 Tube- 45%
Apply Xero Emphasis at default to the tube
Add frame 5 and reduce by 65-50%( whichever fits the canvas)
Add paper 9 behind the tube layer under the frame.
 Click the inside of the frame and expand your selections by 4.
Promote the paper layer twice.
move one promoted paper above the tube layer and apply Eye Candy  IMPACT-glass- inner bevel round ed carve. Then change the blend to overlay. Delete the original paper added and leave the second promoted layer under the tube and frame layer.
Reduce el 88 by 15% then apply Mura Meister Copies- encircle and place over the frame layer.
 Apply Eye Candy Nature- Snow drift and change the blend to hard light when done.
Reduce el 154 by 50% and place behind the frame to the left
Reduce el 171 by 50% and place above the frame layer
Create your cluster to place and reduce as follows:
50%-151,162(change to white and add gradient glow),143
Add your name,apply inner bevel, then glass afterwards add gradient glow and snow drift
Add the artist URL, CR and your license number