Friday, December 22, 2017

Happiest New Year

 Rockin The Clock By Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Champagne For New Year by Verymany found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 50%
Frame 45% Rotate 90 to right
Select the frame, expand the selections by 2, add a raster layer and copy paste paper 37  into selections.
 Inside of the frame repeat motions above with paper 18
Reduce el 121 by 25%,duplicate then change the blend to multiply, merge down, duplicate again,mirror and flip.
Reduce el 125 by 45% duplicate and rotate 75degrees to the left.
Reduce el 119 by 40% duplicate and multiply blend to darken
Reduce el 146 by 45% and el69 by 40%
Reduce el 122b by 50% and change the red ribbon to black, darken as we did with the other elements, duplicate mirror and flip
 Reduce balloons by 50% and erase the ribbons from them. Rotate the star one 25 to the right
Reduce el 145 and 140 by 50%
78 and 79 by 25%
107 by 45%
 Add your name in a gold gradient then apply an inner bevel, gradient glow in black and drop shadow
 Add the artist URL, CR and your license number

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