Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Pink Tulips by Verymany found here
Paris In Pink By Pink Paradox Productions found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 50%
Reduce el 92,134 by 45%
el162,151,141,154 by 50%
el 146,135,114 by 40%
el 136 by 60%
el 137,73,64 by 25%
el 76 by 20%
el 56 by 15%
 el 62 by 10%
 Close all layers except for the flower layers then merge visible and hit copy.
 Then open all closed layers and paste your copy as the last layer of your tag
Apply a filter with lines I used VM  Extravaganza -Transmissions
 Then add some sparkles to the layer I used a filter called Xenofex 2 constellations
 then mirror it.
 Add your name artist URL, CR and your license.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Feathers Fan

 Eileen By Verymany found here
Lavender & Blueberries by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube  reduced by 45%
el 176 reduced by 70%
 Paper used for the center of the element was paper 37
Reduce el 175 by 50% place to the top left,duplicate move to the bottom right
Reduce el 190 and place as your mask. Duplicate and fill the  canvas.
Place the tube again and change the blend to overlay. Place over paper layer and erase excess.
Place flowers around as you wish.
 I reduced the elements as follows:
added 133 and erased leaves that were not needed
 Add your name, artist URL CR and your licesne

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Roses and Puppies

 Coffee & Roses by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Benny by Verymany found here
 Mask  set 64 mask 4 by Rachel Designs found here on the right side under Bulk masks
 Canvas 700 by 700
Tube -45%
Place el 56 under the tube layer.
 Lower the opacity of the tube so you can see the box under it.
 Using your Freehand selection tool  setting :point to point, feather at 4.
Select the front top edge of the box on the tube layer  to  have the tube appear he is stepping out of the box.
Reduce el 21 by 50% and place behind the tube layer.
 Repeat the same tool making the treat look as if it nestled inside of the box.
Mirror el 128 and reduce by 45% placing it behind the treat, Erase the stems, duplicate mirror and flip.
Place el 72 behind the box layer and reduce by 50%
 Make a cluster bouquet with the elements:
 place 123 and 125 erasing portions that fall past the bottom edge of the tag
Add paper 2 and apply your mask
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license

Monday, January 22, 2018

Valentine Presents

Presents with Love by Verymany found here

 Thoughts of you by Pink Paradox productions found here

Mask 1006 by Lori found here
Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 50%
Frame5 45% rotate 15 to the left
 Duplicate the frame mirror and reduce by 80%.
 Add papers19 and13 as the frame backgrounds then add the tube again and blend at soft light.
Erase the tube's excess
Place the tube and mirror. Add paper18 under it then move the tube to the right,change the blend to soft light. Apply the mask.
 Reduce the following elements, mirror, flip erase items as needed:
place el 118 behind the tube
Add your name , a thick gradient glow, artist URL,CR and your license

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sleepy Time

Dog Night By Kajenna Found here
 FTU items:
Template by Rachel found here
 Dreamer Kit by Polkadot Scraps Found here
(link fixed the kit is the first on the list)

Font-PC Squirrelly

Open the template and crop it to cut down the large amount of background then reduce the entire template to 700 pixels on it's longest side.
 Delete the Cr layer
What we are going to do first is fill all the layers with papers from the kit.
Layer 1 copy/paste paper 9 into selections. Add a thick white border by using a gradient glow or add a new raster layer expanding the selections by 4 and flood filling it in white.
Add noise at 100 to the border.
Layer 2 copy/pate paper 1 and repeat the same sized border.
Layer 3 copy/paste paper 7 into selections and add a border sized 2 pixels or a thinner gradient glow.
Repeat with layer 4 using paper 8. Add a close up of your tube and change the blend to overlay. Erase the excess.
Layer 6 copy/paste paper 4 into selections.
 Place frame 4 over layer 6 and reduce by 70% then rotate 90 to the left and add a thick white outline/border
Place frame 3 over layer 5. Align to fit then delete layer 5.
Add Orb 1 in the openings of the frame. Reduce the top orb by 50% and align in the center.
Between layers 2 and 3 place sparkle 1, duplicate it to darken.
 Above layer 4 place " scatter" and reduce by 50%. Move to the left,duplicate and move to the right.
Between the orb layers add  scatter numbers, duplicate to darken.
Layer 7 is going to be our guide. Add clouds to it's left edge then duplicate and move the second one to the right edge then delete layer 7.
Reduce the moon by 50% and place to the left.
Reduce elixir by 20%, Flower1 by 15% and bow2 by 25%
 Add your tube and reduce by 45% then add Film & Filters-Photo Effects- Vivid twice to your tube.
Decorate behind the tube:
clock-40% and rotate 15 to the right
Window -50% and rotate 15 to the left
Flower4 -30% rotate 15 to the left
Flower 2,heart and berry --25%
 Add your name. To add on a curve make a circle using your  elliptical tool and do night convert to raster. Add the font tool at the edge of the circle drawn. Then type your name, Close the layer with the circle and covert to raster.
 Add noise to the name and a thick gradient glow with the colors from the kit.
Add Orb2 and reduce by 50% place to the top right corner, duplicate and flip/mirror until all four corners are covered then merge them all together.
 Add the Artist URL, CR and your license number

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Earth Natural Beauty

 Angel 5 by Verymany found here
Pink Paradox Productions kit- Resist : Earth is Life
 found here

 Reduce the tube by 45%, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur 4 and soft light for the blend
 Reduce the frame by 30% rotate 25 to the right, duplicate and mirror
Add a background to both frames using paper 14
 Add the tube again mirror and blend to overlay, erase the excess
Repeat with the other frame but reduce the tube by 60% and blend to soft light.
Make  a cluster in front of the tube using these elements and reducing them as follows:
192 -45% and rotate 25 to the left then flip
179-50% flipped and mirrored
150%-45% and lowered opacity to 87
 Behind the frames place the elements:
place el 182 duplicate it and reduce by 60% rotate 25 degrees , flip , duplicate and mirror
EL 208 by 75%
 add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number

Love 2018

Romantic Roses by Pink Paradox Productions found here 
Heart Lollipop 2 by Verymany found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Tube 45%
EL172 by 50%
Frame 5 -65%
Frame 7 -50% flipped, duplicated,change the blend to multiply then merge the two
Click insde the frame, expand the selections by 6, add a new raster layer and copy/paste paper24 into selections.
EL 187 -50%
place EL 77 under the tube layer above the frame reduced by 50%
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

Monday, January 15, 2018

Puppy Sweetness

 Delicious Romantic by Pink Paradox Productions found here
 Tunney By Verymany found here
 Sweetness by Verymany found here
 Canvas 700 by 700
Sweetness tube reduce by 45%
Tunney by 25%
Element 109 by 50% placed to the bottom right,duplicate and flip.Move to the left
Create a cluster of foliage and elements.
I reduced the elements by the following:
 Add paper 129 as your frame background
Add your name, artist URL, CR and your license
Below is the same tag with the dog tube out front.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

White Wolf

 White Wolf 2 by Verymany found here
Nature Howls by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
 tube 62%
 Add a raster layer and using your selection tool setting to rectangle draw a rectangle and copy paste paper8 into selections. The free rotate 5 to the left.
 Apply Eye Candy Perspective shadow at these settings:
 Make a smaller rectangle and repeat with paper 19 rotate it to the right instead.
Using your pre set shape tool make the foreground null and the background black with the line style set to dots and width at 2. draw a rectangle and convert to raster. duplicate and move one to the right and the other up to the left.
Reduce el 145 by 50% and place to the right, duplicate/flip and move to the left. This will act as your mask.
Reduce the following element and apply this drop shadow to the rest of the tag:
144  and 84 by 62%
149 by 51%
110,115,150 by 50%
Add your name ( I used Circle D font)
 The artist ,URL,CR and your license

Friday, January 5, 2018

Purple Heart

Meryl by Verymany found here
Snow In Love by Pink Paradox Productions found here

Xero- Emphasis

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 50%
Duplicate the tube on the top tube
Using the color picker tool activated when you click the color bar in this filter click the blue crease of the fabric to get close to the color I have here in Xero Emphasis. Then apply Emphasis again same settings.
On the bottom tube apply Emphasis again but click the rest button on the bottom left to convert your tube to a black and white figure. Then merge the two tubes together.
Add frame 3 and reduce by 50%. change to a light grey, duplicate and screen the top frame merge down and sharpen.
I applied Hue/saturation/lightness tool from the adjust tab on my PSP
to turn all pink items to a purple. You can adjust this to your liking.
Rotate el by 90 degrees and reduce by 50%. Place on the right side under the frame
Reduce el 137 and 57 by 50%.
Place the love wording under the frame under the cluster
 Place the page to the left and right of the frame.
 I used paper 17 colorized as my frame background, placed the tube over it, grey scaled, hard light then duplicate the top tube apply Gaussian blur of 3 and screen for the blend.
Reduce frame 10 by 35% and grey scale it. Place the tube again grey scaled  merge then rotate 10 to the left. place over the cluster, select a portion of the cluster to be duplicated and moved above that frame layer to appear nestled in the cluster.
 Reduce el 92 by 50% place to the left and right of the frame and the bottom of the tag.
 Reduce el 108 and 54 by 25%
 the kiss by 15%
 Add your name, artist URL, CR and you licence