Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Earth Natural Beauty

 Angel 5 by Verymany found here
Pink Paradox Productions kit- Resist : Earth is Life
 found here

 Reduce the tube by 45%, duplicate and apply Gaussian blur 4 and soft light for the blend
 Reduce the frame by 30% rotate 25 to the right, duplicate and mirror
Add a background to both frames using paper 14
 Add the tube again mirror and blend to overlay, erase the excess
Repeat with the other frame but reduce the tube by 60% and blend to soft light.
Make  a cluster in front of the tube using these elements and reducing them as follows:
192 -45% and rotate 25 to the left then flip
179-50% flipped and mirrored
150%-45% and lowered opacity to 87
 Behind the frames place the elements:
place el 182 duplicate it and reduce by 60% rotate 25 degrees , flip , duplicate and mirror
EL 208 by 75%
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