Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sleepy Time

Dog Night By Kajenna Found here
 FTU items:
Template by Rachel found here
 Dreamer Kit by Polkadot Scraps Found here
(link fixed the kit is the first on the list)

Font-PC Squirrelly

Open the template and crop it to cut down the large amount of background then reduce the entire template to 700 pixels on it's longest side.
 Delete the Cr layer
What we are going to do first is fill all the layers with papers from the kit.
Layer 1 copy/paste paper 9 into selections. Add a thick white border by using a gradient glow or add a new raster layer expanding the selections by 4 and flood filling it in white.
Add noise at 100 to the border.
Layer 2 copy/pate paper 1 and repeat the same sized border.
Layer 3 copy/paste paper 7 into selections and add a border sized 2 pixels or a thinner gradient glow.
Repeat with layer 4 using paper 8. Add a close up of your tube and change the blend to overlay. Erase the excess.
Layer 6 copy/paste paper 4 into selections.
 Place frame 4 over layer 6 and reduce by 70% then rotate 90 to the left and add a thick white outline/border
Place frame 3 over layer 5. Align to fit then delete layer 5.
Add Orb 1 in the openings of the frame. Reduce the top orb by 50% and align in the center.
Between layers 2 and 3 place sparkle 1, duplicate it to darken.
 Above layer 4 place " scatter" and reduce by 50%. Move to the left,duplicate and move to the right.
Between the orb layers add  scatter numbers, duplicate to darken.
Layer 7 is going to be our guide. Add clouds to it's left edge then duplicate and move the second one to the right edge then delete layer 7.
Reduce the moon by 50% and place to the left.
Reduce elixir by 20%, Flower1 by 15% and bow2 by 25%
 Add your tube and reduce by 45% then add Film & Filters-Photo Effects- Vivid twice to your tube.
Decorate behind the tube:
clock-40% and rotate 15 to the right
Window -50% and rotate 15 to the left
Flower4 -30% rotate 15 to the left
Flower 2,heart and berry --25%
 Add your name. To add on a curve make a circle using your  elliptical tool and do night convert to raster. Add the font tool at the edge of the circle drawn. Then type your name, Close the layer with the circle and covert to raster.
 Add noise to the name and a thick gradient glow with the colors from the kit.
Add Orb2 and reduce by 50% place to the top right corner, duplicate and flip/mirror until all four corners are covered then merge them all together.
 Add the Artist URL, CR and your license number

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