Wednesday, January 10, 2018

White Wolf

 White Wolf 2 by Verymany found here
Nature Howls by Pink Paradox Productions found here

 Canvas 700 by 700
 tube 62%
 Add a raster layer and using your selection tool setting to rectangle draw a rectangle and copy paste paper8 into selections. The free rotate 5 to the left.
 Apply Eye Candy Perspective shadow at these settings:
 Make a smaller rectangle and repeat with paper 19 rotate it to the right instead.
Using your pre set shape tool make the foreground null and the background black with the line style set to dots and width at 2. draw a rectangle and convert to raster. duplicate and move one to the right and the other up to the left.
Reduce el 145 by 50% and place to the right, duplicate/flip and move to the left. This will act as your mask.
Reduce the following element and apply this drop shadow to the rest of the tag:
144  and 84 by 62%
149 by 51%
110,115,150 by 50%
Add your name ( I used Circle D font)
 The artist ,URL,CR and your license

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