Monday, February 26, 2018

White Rose Letters

 White Rose By Verymany found here
Paperback musings by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Mask 729 by Rachel Designs

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube 45%
Duplicate the tube and apply Gaussian Blur at 9 to the top tube, change the blend to screen and opacity to 61%
el 61  and 48 reduced by 45%
Reduce el91 by 50%. Create a circle in the center of it. You can do this by either using the preset shapes or selection tool setting to circle. Either way to delete the center of the element to make a lace frame is fine.
Place this new frame behind the tube to the left, behind the letter on the right and a top the letter in the middle
Reduce el 103 by 50%( I am more interested in the foliage than the flowers of this element)
Reduce el 101 by 30% and place under the bottom edge of the letter and twice on top of the letters
Add other flowers as fillers. i reduced them at 25%
The key and lock elements i reduced around 25-30%
 Add paper 34 and the close up tube. Change the blend to the tube to your liking. Merge it down with the paper then apply your mask.
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