Friday, March 23, 2018

Gold Eyes

Gold Eyes by Alex Prihodko found here
 Mandarin Dragon Fruit found here by Pink Paradox Productions
Mask by Rachel designs -mask set 66 mask1

Canvas 700 by 700
Tube reduced by 40%
Add a new raster layer then using your freehand selection tool
Settings at :  Mode-add(shift )and feather at 4
 Draw out a small rectangle and flood fill it in black
Then copy/paste paper 25 into selections
Add the tube again but mirror it and reduce by 50%
Apply Film & Filters - Photo effects- sepia tones then apply Xero Radiance at default.
 Change the blend to screen and opacity to 48. Erase any excess
Mak another rectangle a little bigger than the first and off set it to the top right. Copy/paste paper 26 then selection borders of 10 , apply noise at 100 twice.
Add the tube again, reduce 50% and move the tiger to seem peering from behind the second rectangle
Lower the opacity to 40
Arrange elements as you wish.
 I reduced the following:
 Use Paper 21 and apply your mask
 Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license

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