Thursday, April 5, 2018

Beautiful Wind

Wind by Alex Prihodko  found here

Kit- Pink Paradox Productions- Something about Spring found here

Canvas 700 by 700
 Frame 50% rotate 25 degrees then duplicate,mirror and flip.
Click inside the frame and expand the selections by 2.
 Place paper 12 and move to the area where there is more yellow,then invert selection and hit delete.
 Repeat with the other frame.
 Place the tube over the paper  layer invert selections and hit delete . Change the blend to screen.
Reduce el 179 by 50 and place at the bottom edge of the bottom frame
Repeat with el 151 to the top edge of the top frame then el 150 on the top edge of the bottom frame.
Reduce el 157 by 50% and rotate 25 to the left. Place under the frames towards the top, duplicate/mirror and flip. Move the duplicate above the frame layers.
Add el 173 reduced by 30% on the edge of the stem
 Then add the tube reduced by 45% under the flower layer. Duplicate the tube and apply Gaussian blur of 3 on the top tube and change the blend to soft light.
 Add el 128 reduced by 30% above the tube layer under the flower layer. Duplicate the tube rotate it 25 to the left and place it under the first flowers  twice.
Reduce el 57 by 25% and place under the bow then under the tube layer el 118 reduced by 45%
 Add paper 6 and apply your mask
 Add el 177 or 175 to the top and bottom of the canvas
 Then add your name, artist URL, CR and your license number

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