Thursday, May 24, 2018

Juicy Island Drink

 Coconut 2 by Verymany found here
 Coconut Island by Pink Paradox Production found here 
Tube- 60%
Frame 11 - 50% then rotate 15 to the right
Open a new raster layer then make a rectangle using the selection tool.
Then copy/paste paper 22 into selections and rotate it 5 to the left.
Place el 121 between the rectangle and frame reducing it by 80% and rotating it 90 to the left.
Duplicate, flip, mirror then place under the top portion of the frame.
Above the rectangle layer reduce el 108 by 50% and mirror.
 Place el 30 under the flower reducing by 80%
El 19 by 80%
Add el106 reduced by 25% to the bottom left then duplicating, reducing by 80% and placing around the tag.
Between the frame and rectangle reduce the following elements:
93 and 109 by 40%
114 mirrored – 60%
Under the frame layer:
87 by 35%
81,133,186 by 50%
Add your name artist URL,CR and your license number

Another rendition of this tag using another tube
Tube by Verymany found here called Cocktail 2 

Tube reduced by 50%
Fruits and flower reduced by 50%

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