Monday, May 14, 2018

Winged Butterfly

 Tube- Alex Prihodko- Butterfly Wing - Here

Kit- Pink Paradox Productions - Life Of The Garden- Here
Template 93  by Rachel found here
Font of Choice

Open template -Shift D to copy then close original.
Resize the entire template to 700 pixels on it's longest side then resize the canvas to 700 by 700.
Rotate the entire tag to the left
Delete layer 1, the credits and all the stars
Copy/paste paper into selections of layer 2 then place the tube over and rotate the tube 25 to the left.
Change the blend on the tube layer to soft light and erase the excess tube.
Reduce frame 1 by 45% then rotate 25 to the left. place over the tube layer then using the color picker chose the color from her bathing suit and color the frame.
Reduce el 151 by 50% and place behind the top portion of the template. Erase the pot and rotate it 90 degrees to fill the top again. repeat until the top is filled with flowers.
 Then reduce el 145 by 50% and place to the right and left of the template.
 Copy/paste paper 10 into layer 3, duplicate change the blend to multiply to darken.
 Reduce el 123 by 45% and place twice over the layer. Move one a bit to the right
 Then add your tube and reduce by 45%
Place elements at the base of the tube
 50%- 158,70,75
35%- 73,72,41,24
 Add your name, artist URL,CR and your license number

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