Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sea Lover

 Tropical Mirage by Pink Paradox Productions found here
Svetlana by Alex Prihodko found here
 Mask 133 by Mizteeque
Font school kid lite

Canvas 700 by 700
Frame 6-45%
Frame 3-45%
Duplicate frame 3 and place one to the top left and the other to the bottom right
Erase the portion of the tube hanging past the outer edge of the frame except for the hair.
Paper 15 was used for the frame background
Paper 2 was duplicated and the top paper blend was change to multiply to darken then apply your mask
el 114 reduced by 50%place to the top right, duplicate and move to the bottom left.
 El 156 reduced by 45% place to the top right, duplicate mirror and flip.
Elements 100 and 94 reduced by 40% place to the bottom left
 Cluster on the top right:
(I reduced them again by 80% because they were too big for what I wanted to do)
Add your name, artist URL,CR and license number.

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